The feet reflect the individual as a whole.
The reflected zones express its psycho-emotional, physical and energetic condition.

Foot reflexology is a special reflex massage, a holistic therapy based on pressure and massage on specific areas of the feet corresponding to different parts of the body, which is based on the principles of reflexology, the origin of which is lost in the mists of time, but which is still practiced all over the world: from China to America, from the Middle East to Africa, from Egypt to Europe.

Energetic foot massage, better known as reflexology, has been discovered by several civilizations, but the most complete traces and in-depth studies have come to us from the areas of Ancient China, Tibet, and India.

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Manicure & Pedicure

Professional manicure and pedicure to care for your nails.


Solar shower, three-sided high pressure.

Facial cleaning

Treatments that can improve the appearance of facial skin.


Perfect epilation for smooth legs and soft skin.